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Working with Van-Centre Forklift. Work/Life

At Van-Centre Forklift we understand that work and life must be balanced, our company strives to make sure that our employees have ampl opportunity to invest not just in their career but also their family and friends too. Van-Centre Forklift is the only material handling company who offers employees not two, but three weeks paid vacation after thier first year worked, because a rested employee is a productive employee.

Working with us

Van-Centre forklift is a equal opportunity employer, we proudly employ staff who are diverse and who are not afraid to be themselves.

 THE WAGE GAP, Van-Centre Forklift prides itself on NOT following in the footsteps of other companies instead setting a new standard, one that makes sense, unfortunately not all employers feel the same but hopefully by publishing our hiring practices publicly they will follow suit. 

A employee pay is not based on his or her gender but rather what their capabilities are. A man doing the same job a woman does is not entitled to more compensation because of his gender. And a woman doing a better job then a man is doing absolutely is rewarded for her work. We do not tolerate discrimination, we are a team and work as one. No one person is more important that any other, together we make the company Van-Centre Forklift. 

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